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See the Kingdom Calendar for date and location.

  1. Each entrant may enter one item in up to two categories. The three categories are:

  2. Two single entries in the same category are not permitted. For instance, you may enter one static item and one performance piece, but you may not enter two performance pieces or two static items. Group entries: the first entry in a category counts but you may participate in a second group entry in the same category without it counting against your entry limits. For instance, Lord Singsalot may enter a solo performance and also perform with the Shire Madrigal Singers, or he may sing with the SMSs and also with the Baronial Consort. However, the SMSs as a group may only perform once.

  3. Two entries are not mandatory.

  4. Entries must not have previously been shown in a Kingdom A & S competition.

  5. Written documentation for static and performance pieces is required for this competition. Please bring at least 3 copies of your written documentation.

  6. The Static, Performance, and Scholarly Judging Forms developed by the Laurels of Ansteorra will be used to judge this competition.

  7. Performance pieces may not be longer than 10 minutes without prior approval of the MoAS.

  8. Those submitting scholarly papers should identify the type of paper being submitted. Categories are: How to/instructional, Persuasive/argumentative and Historical/expository.

  9. Scholarly papers are e-mailed to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. or mail 2 hard copies to the address listed in the Black Star. (allowing time for post). Deadline included in event announcement.

  10. Although scholarly papers will be judged prior to the event, scholars are asked to send at least 2 copies of their paper for display at the event, so that others might enjoy them.

  11. All pieces must be completed.

  12. The goal of the MoAS and the Laurels of Ansteorra is to encourage all arts and find a way to include rather than exclude artisans. If you have an unusual item or performance and aren't sure of how to include it in this competition, please contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

For comments, additions, and corrections, please contact the MOAS Virtual Scribe.

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