Ansteorran A & S Judging Forms

Who can use the Ansteorran judging forms?

Anyone who wants to use these forms is welcome to do so. We hope that everyone in Ansteorra sponsoring an A & S competition will at least give them a try.

I have suggestions for improving the forms...

We always welcome your feedback on improving the Ansteorran Judging Forms. We continue to meet periodically to discuss how well these forms are working, and to try to iron out problems that turn up in use. We want these forms to serve the artisan community in Ansteorra, and so your feedback is very valuable to us! Send your comments to Minister of Arts and Sciences at

Ansteorran Static Arts Judging Form

Ansteorran Performance Judging Form

Ansteorran Research Judging Form

Gulf Wars Static Arts Judging Form

Gulf Wars Performance Judging Form

Gulf Wars Scholarly Paper Judging Form

For comments, additions, and corrections, please contact the MOAS Virtual Scribe.

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