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Bidding on a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Event


  1. Send an informal proposal e-mail to the Kingdom A & S officer for the event that states your interest in bidding on the event.

  2. Go to the Ansteorran web site under "Forms" and print out the Request for Date on the Kingdom Calendar and a Kingdom Event Bid - Single Group form or the Kingdom Event Bid - Multiple Group form. You will need to send a copy to the Kingdom A & S Officer, Kingdom Seneschal, Crown, Calendar Deputy, and the Kingdom Exchequer.

  3. It is likely that your group will be competing with other groups to bid on this event. In order to provide the A & S officer with enough information to make a reasonable decision, please try to include as much of the following information as you can along with the "official" bid form:

    1. Information on the site you plan to use and the facilities available, including cost, hours available, restrictions (particularly regarding alcohol and fire), parking and/or parking restrictions, etc;

    2. Any previous experience at coordinating similar events, SCA or mundane;

    3. Whether you plan to serve food (breakfast, lunch, or feast) and, if so, name, contact info and prior experience of food coordinator/cook;

    4. Any other information you think might be helpful, such as photos and map of the site, lodging and restaurants in the area, etc.***

Information and Requirements for
Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition and
Laurels' Prize Tourney Display Event


  1. An indoor hall large enough to hold 30 six-foot tables with additional room for those who are not competing to mingle.

  2. A site that allows for alcohol or allows for alcohol tasting.

  3. A registration area (2 tables) that will be stationary for the remainder of the event.

  4. An area for performance arts, which would be a separate room or an area that is acoustically blocked from the rest of the noise.

  5. A small room for the judges and/or Crown to meet and scores to be tallied.

  6. A lunch for the judges.

  7. Publicity for the event (advertisement in at least 2 Black Stars).

  8. Additional activities may accompany the competition. If there are additional classrooms at the site, classes could be held throughout the day.

  9. The local group is responsible for site setup and takedown, gate, feast (if included in bid), and the judges' lunch.
    Table arrangement and other specific details should be coordinated through the Kingdom MoAS.

  10. The Kingdom MoAS is in charge of the schedule for the competition, registration, and the judging of the competition.

Information and Requirements for King's College


  1. A climate-controlled site with at least 10 or more classrooms (think schools, universities, churches, community centers, etc.) and some available outdoor areas for fighting.

  2. Enough people to set up and take down the site, work the gate, and provide other help where necessary.

Additionally, the ideal site would have the following:

  1. A greater selection of classrooms;

  2. Lecture hall, small auditorium, and/or stage (for large classes, performance & vocal classes, etc.);

  3. Workrooms, studios and/or kitchens available for "messy" A & S classes, such as cooking, pottery, felting, hands-on workshops;

  4. Lounge areas for instructors and general populace;

  5. Ample outdoor areas or gymnasiums for martial classes;

  6. Fireproof areas for more dangerous, messy arts, e.g. blacksmithing, glass working;

  7. Attached or very nearby show barn or equestrian center for equestrian & animal related classes;

  8. Nearby hotels, motels & restaurants for out-of-towners;

  9. Audio-visual equipment, or capacity (setups for Power Point, overhead projectors, screens, etc.).

The Kingdom MoAS in charge of finding and scheduling instructors and classes, publishing a class schedule, assigning classrooms, etc. If you have something special in mind, such as a track of performance classes, etc., this can certainly be coordinated with the Kingdom MoAS.

For comments, additions, and corrections, please contact the MOAS Virtual Scribe.

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