Ministry of Arts and SciencesMinistry of Arts and Sciences The Kingdom of Ansteorra Ministry of
Arts and Sciences Webpage

Ansteorran Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

Beatrix Alfray
(405) 659-2854
(no calls after 9pm please)

Kingdom MoAS ER Deputy:

Mistress Adelaide DeBourbon
(806) 673-5924
(no calls after 9pm please)

Handbook for the Artisans of Ansteorra
The Order of the Laurel Webpage
Handbook for the Local, Regional & Kingdom A&S Officers and Deputies

Regional MOAS Officers

Central Region
Gabriele René de Bernard

Northern Region
HL Sabine Lefevre

Southern Region
Biatrichi di Palermo

Local A&S officers to report to their Regional:
Local reports are due by the 5th of the following month. (So the local report for August would be due to the Regional by Sep 5th.)

Please use the MOAS Report Form. (Link opens a fillable/saveable PDF document template, to submit your report.)

Regional reports to the Kingdom A&S Officer:
1st quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar) due Apr 10th
2nd quarter (Apr, May, Jun) due Jul 10th
3rd quarter (Jul, Aug, Sep) due Oct 10th
4th quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec) due Jan 10th

Please use the MOAS Report Form and the Warrant Roster Form (Links open a fillable/saveable PDF document template) to submit your report.

Kingdom MOAS reports to the Crown:
January & July Round Table Events

Kingdom MOAS Deputies

Gulf Wars A&S Deputy
Mistress Joanna the Spinner and Mistress Caitriona inghean mhic Lochlainn

Bardic & Performance Deputy
Mistress Magge MacPherson

European Dance and Music Deputy

Middle Eastern Dance and Music Deputy
HL Behiye bin Kismet

Eisteddfod Deputy
Master Robin of Gilwell

Technology/Web Issues

MoAS Competition Champions

Premier Bard of Ansteorra
Master Alden Drake

Former Premier Bards

Middle Eastern Dance Champion
Mistress Adriana Lorelle

Former Middle Eastern Dance Champions

Kingdom Artisan
Master Biau-Douz de la Mare

Former Kingdom Artisans

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